佐藤松豊略歴 Madame Matsutoyo Sato

10歳から声楽を学び、16歳から邦楽の世界に入る。 民謡の第一人者松子流創始者佐藤松子先生に弟子入りし、民謡、民舞、長唄、端唄、俗曲を学ぶ。

NHKテレビ、ラジオ番組に多数出演。 日本中を演奏活動で周る。1966年にサンフランシスコに移り、松豊会を設立。 10年間に150人以上の名取を輩出し、指導者としても多大な評価を得る。

1976年にLAに移った後は、Gypsy Rose Lee Show, 空手キッド2等の様々なテレビや映画、CM音楽に携わり、アメリカで日本音楽を広める第一人者として名前を広める。 ポリドールレコードから “佐藤松豊民謡集” を発売。 その中に収められている “小東京音頭” は20年以上に渡り、二世週閉会音頭にて流れている。


Matsutoyo Sato studied European music and opera in Japan for 10 years as a child.

At 16, she was formally exposed to Minyo, Shigin, and the Biwa. By age 20, her instructors encouraged her to apprentice under Madame Matsuko Sato, the late Iemoto, or Grand Master of the Sato school in Japan.

Excelling in a variety of traditional music genres, her skill and determination allowed her talents to be recognized with performances on both local and national NHK television and radio programs, and various stage performances throughout Japan.

In the United States, she has performed in films such as ” The Karate Kid 2″ and various TV commercials. Disney Land’s “Japanese Festival” also “Little Tokyo Ondo” for Japanese Nisei Week Festival.

Today, Matsutoyo Sato continues to teach and pass on her knowledge, passion and expertise in traditional Minyo throughout Northern and Southern California.

Matsutoyo Kai Members

SENSEI Master Instructor

  • Sato Matsutoyo

SHIHAN Members

  • Kosugi Marisa
  • Sato Matsutoyokiku
  • Sato Matsutoyoshizu
  • Sato Matsutoyochie
  • Sato Matsutoyoyoshi
  • Sato Matsutoyonatsu
  • Sato Matsutoyomitsuki
  • Sato Matsutoyokikumi
  • Sato Matsutoyosakura

NATORI Members

  • Sato Matsutoyohiro
  • Sato Matsutoyotaka
  • Sato Matsutoyoyu
  • Sato Matsutoyokikuno
  • Sato Matsutoyomiki
  • Sato Matsutoyoaya
  • Sato Matsutoyosen
  • Sato Matsutoyoyui
  • Sato Matsutoyomomo
  • Sato Matsutoyoryo
  • Sato Matsutoyokana
  • Sato Matsutoyokichi
  • Sato Matsutoyomari
  • Sato Matsutoyoaoi
  • Sato Matsutoyoiori
  • Sato Matsutoyosei


  • Chen Eric
  • Kawakami Manami
  • Takeshita Satomi
  • Hirahara Ayaka
  • Fuka Aki
  • Naito Yoshiko
  • Itakura Noriko
  • Morishige Kazue
  • Yamamoto Keiko
  • Fujita Toshie
  • Sugimoto Fumi
  • Nelson Yoshie
  • Rivera Riley
  • Matsunami Emiko
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